from the moment they enter the world

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Why Should I hire a birth photographer?

Whether you give birth once, twice, or multiple times - each one is different. From the moment you go into labor to the moment you hold your baby in your arms, so many things happen and a lot of these moments, you forget about! I am a strong believer that every important event in your life should be captured. Just like having wedding photos, looking back on your birth photos will be something you can cherish with your family and something you can use to remind yourself, "Hey, I'm a bad ass."

Will you get all aspects of birth on camera?

Birth is a beautiful thing but, I'll be honest, it is messy! While it might seem "gross" at first, seeing the raw and natural images will show you just how remarkable our bodies are. Every opportunity I get to capture these moments, I will make happen. If you are uncomfortable with certain images (ie. baby crowning), please let me know ahead of time!

Are you a doula and do you offer these services?

Due to recent hospital policies, I have to be a certified doula in order to be in the birthing room with you. At this time, however, I am not offering doula services.

What happens if I am having a c-section?

I want to capture your birth no matter how you give birth. With C-Sections, my ability to be in the operating room with you will depend on the hospital but, regardless, there are still so many important moments of your story that I can capture.

When will I receive my gallery?

You just gave birth to a beautiful baby and everything is just perfect! I want to make sure to give you photos that you can look back on or use for your announcement as soon as possible! Sneak peaks will be sent within 72 hours and full galleries will be sent within 3 weeks.

What if I don't want my images shared or certain images shared?

Your privacy is my number one priority. Within the contract I send you, you have multiple options for a privacy release that you can choose from.

What happens if you miss the birth?

Birth is unpredictable. It's just the nature of the process and that's okay! I will do everything in my power to attend your birth. In the event I am not able to be there, there will still be plenty of ways I can capture this special moment in your life - whether I do a Fresh 48 session or a Newborn Lifestyle Session.

When should I book?

I recommend booking as soon as the first trimester is complete. With the nature of birth photography, I can only take a few births a month so spots are limited.