You’re pregnant - yay! Congratulations, mama! Whether it’s your first or fourth kid, every pregnancy is unique and should be photographed.

It can be so difficult to decide what kind of Maternity photos to take to document your journey as a mother. You may be asking, “Gabby, how can I decide which is right for my growing family and I?” Well, I'm glad you asked! The good news is, is that there is no right or wrong way to capture that journey! Regardless of the type of shoot that you choose, these photos will be special and intimate for you and whomever you decide to share them with. There are a few differences between Maternity Boudoir and Traditional Maternity photos and I want to help you find what is right for you. My goal is to show you your power and bring you to a place where you can truly see how strong and resilient your body is! This journey that you are on can be difficult at times, but it is helpful to remember that you were made for this. Your body is strong, elegant, and helps create a bond between yourself and your children that truly lasts a lifetime. Let’s talk about how I can help capture this for you and truly support you in your empowerment as a mother. 

When choosing the kind of shoot that you want, there are a few differences to consider. Traditional Maternity photoshoots are the typical photos you mainly see when searching 'maternity photos' on Google or Pinterest. These traditional photoshoots are generally those which you would share with your family and friends to showcase your growing family and document that stage of your life with the child that you are bringing into the world! These photos are usually taken with other family members (ie. your partner and other children of yours) to capture this special time in all of your lives. I love being able to capture these moments because it brings everyone together and the love that you feel during these shoots is unlike anything else. As for outfits, most often, I see moms-to-be wearing dresses to document this stage & show off their bump.

Unlike Traditional Maternity photoshoots, the Boudoir sessions are generally held inside a studio and bring the spotlight to you as a mother! The option for a boudoir session is empowering–just like a Traditional photoshoot can be. The difference here is that it shifts the focus from a family portrait view of your journey to a more intimate, solo view. More often these shoots include clothing that is more lingerie based rather than casual clothing that may be used in a traditional shoot. It all depends on your level of comfort! I want to help you feel empowered so the options are endless. Whether it is a two-piece set, sweaters, or sheets I want you to feel beautiful and strong in your new stage of life. A boudoir session will highlight the changes in your body as it develops throughout your journey in motherhood to show the empowering side of what your body can accomplish. It celebrates YOU. I want you to be able to remember what your body can do and how powerful you are for bringing your child into this world. 

The decision about the kind of maternity shoot that feels right for you can be tough. Trust me, I have been there! My recommendation? Do both. They are both fantastic ways to document how you and your baby grow together while still having different meanings. However you choose to document your journey, I am here for you and cannot wait to join you on your journey!